In Progress List

This page provides a way to search for titles that may be posted or in progress at any of several sites. Currently it searches the PG clearance database, the PG catalog, projects in progress at DP, projects at DP Canada, and posted books at

By default, in the Clearance Database table, clearances that were requested more than four years ago are not shown. You can change this cutoff date to more than four years by using the dropdown menu for "Display cutoff". Active clearances older than the default 4 years will be shown in a distinctive color.

Do not rely solely on the information returned by this script. Different sites queried may interpret search terms differently. Repeated searches with variations in search terms are often advised for complete coverage. Also consider searching for significant parts of a title without including punctuation. For example search for "Bluffer" instead of "Bluffer's Luck" or "Bluffer’s Luck".

For more information about clearances, visit More information about this software and its search process is here.

Update 31-Mar-2024: the Project Gutenberg catalog search has been rewritten to use advanced queries. Results are now displayed in a scrollable, searchable text box. Error reports or feedback here.

Clearance Search

VERSION 0.57 (2024.03.31)